To maintain privacy, you want every user in the My Firm Files system to be separate from one another. You can do so by setting their home folder to one that is specifically for them. A Home folder is a folder on your My Firm Files System that acts like a ceiling for the member; they can do whatever they wish under that folder, but they may never go above it.

To set up the users Home Folder, follow these steps for each client:

Note: (If you already have a "My Clients" Folder, you can skip this step). Be sure to set up a "My Clients" folder to keep all your clients in. You can do this by clicking on "Files" and then on "Add New Folder" on the top of the screen. (If you already have a "My Clients" Folder, you can skip this step).

a. Click on "Files" on the side menu.

b. Click on "Add Folder" at the top.

c. Name your new folder "My Clients" and click "Create"

d. Your new "My Clients" Folder should now appear on the files screen.

Creating a User 

Start here if you already have made a "My Clients" folder or a similar folder.

  1. Click on the Users tab.

2. Click on "New User".

Or if the user already exists, put a check box by the user and click on Edit User). 

Fill out the:

  • Display Name (Name of the Client)

  • Username (This is the username for the customer to login to the portal)

  • Email (Clients Email Address)

  • Password (Users password for logging into the portal).

If the Notify User box is check when the User has been created they will be sent an email, to the email address listed, with a temporary password. In the email it will advise the client to change their password after logging on. When you are finished, click the "Next Step" button.

3. Click the "Change Folder" button.

4. Click "New Folder" button

5. Click the + next to the Home folder.

6. Fill in the circle on the My Clients folder.

7. Type the Name of the Users home folder under the Folder Name box (it will fill in the New Folder Path as you type). The New Folder Path should be Home/My Clients/(Users home folder). This is the folder the user will be logged into, they will not see anything outside of this folder. Click "Save" when you are finished.

8. The Home Directory should be filled in properly now. 

  • For "Role" you may keep the default. 

  • For Expiration Date can be kept at default never. You should only use an expiration date if you plan of only keeping the customer for a limited amount of time. Once the User Account reaches the Expiration date it will delete the account. 

  • All the Permissions checkboxes can stay checked. It is completely acceptable to give full permissions because the home folder is limiting the user from accessing files outside of their folder. This is why making sure the home folder is set correctly is extremely crucial. It should be something like: Home/My Clients/(home folder). Click the "Create User Button" to finish the process.

The user is now created and is assigned a home folder and a login username and password.

Setting up Notifications for Client folders

You can create rules for clients' folders so that you or the client or both are notified when changes are made to the folders.

See this guide on how to set up notifications for yourself and for your client using the Automation Rules.

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