If you wish to give someone access to download a file without giving them a full account (for example, if you wish to include a file for email marketing or for a prospective client), you can create a link to a specific file. Links will not require a login to download. This technique is also useful if you wish to give all of your clients access to a file but do not wish to place the file in each one of their home folders.

  1. Select the file/folder you want to send a link to with the checkbox on the left, then click "Share" above.

2. To send the link as an email from our system click "Email".

3. Enter the email addresses you want to send to and the message you want in the body of the email and click Send.

4. To Modify the link settings, click "Advanced".

5. In Advanced you can rename the link in the Share Name field, set the permissions of the link under Access:

  • List and Download will allow the end user to download the files only.

  • Upload Only will let the end user upload files.

  • List, Upload and Download lets the user upload new files as well as downloading existing ones.

  • The Expiration Date lets you set the day the file will stop working.

  • If your link includes subfolders, the :Browse Subfolders" box must be checked for their contents to be included.

6. You can remove the link by choosing Delete.

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