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Manual Password Reset (Accountant)

1.Log into your My Firm Files account using your Username and Password.

2. Click on the Users tab

3. Put a check by the user that needs their password reset and click "Edit User"

4. Click in the Password box and begin typing (the password will fill in as you type). Type the same Password in the Password Confirm box. If you would like the password automatically changed to a random password and sent to the client. Click the Password Auto-Fill box.This will automatically check the Notify User checkbox.

5. Click Save.

Please Note: If you choose the autofill option you will not be able to see what their password is . If you desire more control over the password, do not use the autofill option.

User Password Recovery (Client)

Users can recover their own password right from the My Firm Files login page.

Steps for Clients:

  1. Click on the Client Area link on your accountants website or navigate to .

2. Click the Forgot Password? link, under the Username and Password fields

3. Input the your username and email address that was used when your accountant created your File Sharing Account (if unsure about this information, please contact your accountant) and then click "Get Password".

4. A link will be sent to the email address for the username that you enter to recover/reset the password. Please Note: If you are not notified that a password reset email was successfully sent, please check with your accountant to verify you are entering the correct File sharing username and email address. Usernames and passwords are both case sensitive.)

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