If you wish to import a list of users into My Firm Files, our file sharing platform, please follow these instructions:

1. Log into My Firm Files with your username and password.

2. Click on "Files" on the Left hand side.

3. Click Add Folder and type "My Clients" for the folder name (or go into the folder if you already have one and want to do the upload there).

4. Double click the "My Clients" folder to go into it (if you aren't in there already).

5. Create the home folders for every client you wish to have automatically set up. For example if you have 3 clients: Bob, Larry and Susan. You would do the following:

  • Under the My Clients folder click "Add Folder" and type "Bob".

  • Click "Add Folder" again and type "Larry".

  • Click "Add Folder" again and type "Susan" .

  • Now that you have the home folders created under the Folder "My Clients" you can download the template to fill out to automatically create the users.

6. Click On the Users tab on the Left-hand side (right under "Files").

7. Click on "Import List".

8. Click on Step 1 – Download Template CSV

      a. This will download a excel comma separated value (CSV) file to your computer. It will be saved at the default location for whichever web browser you are using (For example: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Internet Explorer). Please note: Internet explorer sometimes does not always function properly)
      b. Open the file in Excel
      c. Fill in rows in the file with your clients. The below is an example user:

Items to note:

  • Usernames cannot have spaces and must be unique many people use the customers email for their username for simplicity and uniqueness.

  • Display Name: Customers Real name.

  • Email: Self-explanatory

  • Role: Always use User.

  • Group: Do not need to fill out

  • Password: Must be six characters can only be letters, numbers, or special characters. (Please note: If you do not need to know the users password do not enter a password and Make sure Notify User is set to 1)

  • Notify User: 1 means they will be notified, 0 means they will not be notified.

  • Home Directory: Should be /My Clients/name (using the example from above for a user Bob, the Home directory could be /MyClients/bobjones). This will depend on the name of the folder containing all your home folders. Please note, this does not create a home folder it will only link a user to a pre-existing home folder. Please make sure the folders are created correctly per Step 6.

  • Active: If you want the user enabled use TRUE otherwise, use FALSE (Caps is important)

  • All other fields are not required.

9. Once you have added all your users, save this excel file to your computer.

10. Back on My Firm Files, click on "Upload CSV User List" from the Step 8 screen.

11. Upload the file you just saved to your computer.

12. Once the upload is finished the system will notify you of the completion.

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