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How to use the new Inline Editor
How to use the new Inline Editor

Find out how to edit your content directly on your website

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What is the new editor?

Note: This editor is not enabled for all members yet

Our new editor lets you modify your content directly on your website. You'll see your text and images exactly how they'll display to your visitors. You won't have to switch back and forth between the editor and your site to make sure everything looks OK.

You must be logged into to Integer in order to edit your content. Site visitors will not see our editor or be able to modify your content.

How to edit your content

  1. Head to the Integer Member Area and login

  2. Click "View Site" in the top bar

  3. Navigate to the page you want to edit using your website's standard navigation

  4. Click into the content and start editing. Use the popup toolbar to apply formatting, or add links, files or images (more details on these below).

  5. Once you are done, click the green save icon to save your changes. If you want to discard your changes, click the red cancel button.

Adding Links

To add a link to a website, select the words you would like to be the link. Then click the Link icon and enter in the URL you wish to link to.

Adding Files

To add a link to a file, like a PDF or Word Document, select the words you would like to be the link. Then click the File icon and click in the popup to select the file you would like to upload.

Adding Images

To add an image to your page, click where you would like the image to go, then click the Image button. Click in the popup to upload your own image, or click the Folder icon to browse our library of stock photos.

Editing Images

Once an image is placed, click it to bring up the image menu. Use the blue handles on the corners of the image to resize it. Use the alignment icon to change the position, and use the Star icon to change it to inline if you would like it to wrap with your text. For advanced editing, click the Sliders icons to open the image editor. From here you can crop, resize, or add things like text overlays, effects, or frames/borders.

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