Setting up Automatic Notifications for My Firm Files

Set up notifications for you and your clients

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  1. To set up a new notification click on 'Automation' on the left then on 'New Rule'

2. Type in a name for the rule (this is how it will be identified in the automation list). Next select the type of notification you are creating. Notifications can be set up for a specific path, for a specific user or for a group of users.

  • Select 'When Any Path is' if you want to be notified for the entire site. Select 'When Specific Path is' if you are just wanting notifications for a certain folder

  • If you select 'When Specific Path is' you can click on 'Choose Path' then click the '+' next to Home. You will see your entire folder structure. Select the folder you want to be notified on with the radio button to the right and click 'Update'

3. Once the path is selected use the check boxes to select the actions you want to be notified on. If you want to remove notifications on sub-folders be sure to un-check that box. It is selected by default.

4. Click on 'Add New Action' and in the drop down select 'Notify (Email)'

5. Next add the user you want to receive the notification. The user creating the notification will be listed by default but you can remove that if necessary. Click in the Select User field to add users

6. Notification emails are sent as soon as they are processed. You can delay that by checking 'Delay This Action?' and specifying the amount of time you want to delay it. All actions performed in that time will be included in the email

7. When you have finished adding the actions click on 'Save Rule' and you will be returned to the Automation page

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