1. Login to your Integer account at https://myinteger.com/sign-in

2. Click on "Internet Links" on the left-hand side

2. Click on "Add New Link" to add a new link or click on the pencil icon next to the link you want to edit

3. Fill in the information for the link you want to add. The link tit, the url, and the category are the only required fields, but we recommend adding a short description, a long description (this is the info about the link that will show on the website), and a sort order. For the sort order, the lower the number, the higher up on the list it will be. Don't forget to save when you are finished!

4. You should see a box with a checkmark saying your link was successfully updated. You can then scroll down and see your link that you just added.

5. If you view your website, you will be able to see your link on your website as well!

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