1. Login to your Integer member area at https://myinteger.com/sign-in

2. First things first, you will want to connect your domain name you want to use or register one with Integer to establish an online presence and get search engines recognizing your site. If you are not ready for your site to be live and want to wait, please skip this step and proceed to step 3. You can always do this later.

3. Next, you will want to get your logo on your website. If you do not have one yet or do not want to add one, please proceed to step 4. You can always come back and add one later.

4. You will want your site to match your company aesthetic and there are tons of options to choose from! There are two options for templates: Our current "Legacy" templates and the "Next Gen" templates. The default option is the Legacy templates, which are pre-made templates with some different pre-made color variations and a few customization options depending on the template. The Next Gen templates offer much more customization options. Please note that if you switch to the Next Gen templates, switching back to the Legacy templates will cause loss of content!

5. Adding your content to your site is one of the best things you can do to help your site get noticed and increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While the site does come with basic default content, it is imperative to your website's success that you add your own content. You can edit/delete any of the current pages as well as add your own pages!

6. Finally, you will want to add links for your Facebook Business page, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Yelp so the icons will appear on your website and clients can click on them and connect with you.

You now have all of the basics set for your website to start helping you grow your business. Check out our other guides at our Integer Support Center

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