• This signature feature is only available if your My Firm Files account was set up AFTER 8/22/2019

  • Only the following file types support signatures: doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), pdf, txt, bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tif

  • The document you want signed must be uploaded into your My Firm Files account to request a signature. If it is not uploaded, please see our guide here on uploading/sharing files.

  • The document will be converted to a PDF as part of the signature process. The original document will still be in the same place.

1. Login to your My Firm Files account either by accessing it through your website or going to

2. Locate the document you want signed in your My Firm Files account and click on the dropdown arrow on the left side as shown below.

3. Then click on "Add Signature Request" from the options in the dropdown menu.

4. Name your signature request (so clients know what you are asking them), make sure the correct path is chosen, and choose which user(s) or groups(s) should sign the form. You can start typing a name to filter the list. Please note that you need to have the Manager or Administrator role in order to see other users in this list. When you are finished with your selections, click "Next" to continue.

5. Select the user who you want to sign from the drop-down box and click "Add Signature Field", "Add Initials Field", "Add Date Field", or "Add Text Field". You can add all fields multiple times for multiple users for different areas on the document.

6. A box will be added that you can move and resize. Click and drag the corners of the box to make the field bigger or smaller. Click the Palette icon to adjust the font size and colors.

Clicking the palette icon will let you select colors for the text in the box (text), the boarder around the box (stroke), and the main color of the box (fill). You can also adjust opacity and text size

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have all of the signature fields for the users that you want. Be sure to add at least one field for all users. Click "Next" to continue when you are finished.

8. Select the users who should be notified when certain actions on this document are taken and what those actions should be. Once you have made your selections, click "Send" to send the document to the users you choose in step one.

9. Now if you go to signatures, you will see the signature request you made for the document.

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