Creating groups can be helpful if you want to share files with many different users (for example, you want everyone in your department to be able to see certain folders). It is easier to make a group of everyone in your department and then share the folder with the group rather than share the file with all of their accounts individually.

1. Login to your My Firm Files account either by accessing it through your website or going to

2. Click on the people icon in the sidebar on the right (it will say "Users" when you mouse over it) and the click on "New Group".

3. Name your group and then choose the users you want to be part of your group

4. Once you are done adding the users that will be in the group, click "create" and the group will be created.

Now that you have a group, you can assign client folders to the group so everyone in the group can see documents from clients. For a guide on this, click here

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