1. Login to your My Firm Files account either by accessing it through your website or going to https://access.myfirmfiles.com/ftp/login/

2. First, you need to create the folder to share (usually a home folder for a client). If the folder you want to share exists already, proceed to step 5. Click on "Add Folder" towards the top right corner.

3. Name your folder (often the name of your client for simplicity) and click "Create".

4. You will see that your new folder has been created.

5. Now that the folder is created (or if you already have the folder you want to share), click on "Share"

6. Select the group and/or user you want to share the folder with (everyone in a group will be able to see what is in this folder).

7. Once you have selected the groups and/or users, click "Add"

8. Choose what the group/user can do with the items in the folder and click "Save"

9. Give your page a refresh and you will now see that the folder says "Shared" next to it. Repeat steps 5 through 9 to share multiple folders with a group/user

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