1. Click on the Domain Name link in the Features section of the Integer Member Area.

2. Scroll down to the middle and click on the button in that section that says "Request Your Free Domain Name".

3. Enter your desired domain name in the "Domain Request Form" at the top of the page. Note the guidelines for domain names to the right or click here for best practices for choosing a domain. Click the dropdown next to the domain form to select a suffix for your domain. You can choose from many suffixes such as .net, .com, and many others. Once you are finished, click the "Submit Domain Request" button.

4. You will see a confirmation message saying your request has been submitted to our Support Team, that will register your domain name and respond within one business day regarding your request. The system will notify you if your domain name is already in use or is not valid. If you get an error, check the guidelines and make sure there are no spaces or special characters. 

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