If you already own a domain name, you can make a simple change at your domain name registrar to connect your domain with your Integer website. If you aren't sure how to make these changes, contact your current domain registrar's support team.

  1. Click on the Domain Name link in the Features section of the Integer Member Area.

2. Then click on "Connect My Domain to Integer".

3. Follow steps 1 - 5 (step 4 is an optional step if you would like us to provide email addresses for you) under the "Connecting Your Domain" section. Step 3 gives you the record you need to set up in order to have your domain connect to your Integer site. Be sure to make these changes to you Domain Name Settings (DNS) or your website will not be accessible. You may need to contact your current domain registrar to ask how to access the Domain Name Settings (DNS) for your domain name. If your provider does not allow you to make these changes, or you would like Integer to manage your domain, follow the instructions here to request a domain transfer.

4. Be patient - DNS changes may take 24 hours before they are visible to all devices.

NOTE: We cannot currently provide the optional email service if the domain is hosted at GoDaddy. You will either need to continue using their existing email service, or transfer the domain to us by following these instructions.

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