Hosted Email Accounts

Our Hosted Email Accounts allow you to receive and send email from a custom email address at your domain. Each address has a separate inbox that can be accessed via webmail or through Outlook or other desktop email applications, as well as smartphone or tablet email clients. We offer industry-standard IMAP access to let you check your email on multiple devices while keeping everything in sync. Spam filtering is included to keep your inbox clean. For help setting up a hosted email account, please click here.

Forwarding-Only Email Address

Forwarding-Only addresses let you display a custom branded email on your website while letting you use another email inbox. They simply pass all incoming email to a separate account (an existing account of yours). Forwarding-only address do not have inboxes and cannot send email, but that functionality is available with our Hosted Email Accounts.

For example, if you set up a forwarding account to forward email to, any email sent to will be delivered to the account. All replies to those emails will show as coming from For help setting up a forward-only email address, please click here.

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