Below are instructions for adding text links to documents. In this example we will work with PDF files, but same steps apply for all file types.

Please Note: Adding these links will make your files publicly accessible. Be sure you use My Firm Files for any documents that contain sensitive information.

You can do this in two steps: Upload the PDF file and Link to the PDF file.

Upload the PDF file

  1. Log into your Integer account

  2. Click on "Images and Files"

3. Click on the "Upload New Image" button. Please note: Even though it is called "Upload New Image", this is where you can upload any files to your site. Permitted file types are listed on the upload page.

4. On the Upload Images page, click the "Choose File" button to locate the image on your computer.

5. Go through your folders and find the file you would like to upload and click on it. Then click the "Open" button or double click the file to open it.

6. You can give a description for the file if you like (this is optional) and then click the "Upload" button.

Note: Once the PDF file is uploaded, it will show up in the "Images & Files" section, but if you click on the PDF document, it will be blank. This is normal and what is supposed to happen. The content of the PDF will still show up in the link you make with that document.

  1. Log into your Integer website and locate the page on which you'd like the PDF links displayed. Click the Edit icon for that page. For instructions on how to edit a page, click here.

  2. In the Page Content area, type your regular text and the link display text:

3. Next, highlight the link display text:

4. Then click the "Insert/Edit Link " button:

5. Click Browse Server, then click the file you want to link to. It will automatically insert the correct URL:

It is useful when linking to PDF files to have them open in a new window. This prevents a client from getting lost and having to close their browser and go back to your page. Since newer browsers open PDF files in the browser itself, this will have one open window with your website and one open window with the PDF file they selected. To do this, when you are selecting the file to link, click the "Target " tab and then select "New Window (_blank) " then click OK .

6. You will see that your selected text is now an active hyperlink (blue underlined text).

7.  Save the page and you're done!

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