You can add images to any of your pages by completing the steps below. Your Integer Service includes access to over 200 professional stock photography images that you can add to your website available under "Images & Files" section in the left sidebar. You can also upload your own images.

Uploading Images

Before you can upload an image, you must have the image saved on your computer. Be sure you know where the image is located - you will need to browse to it later.

  1. Log into the Integer Member Area

  2. Click on Images & Files

3. Click on the "Upload New Image" button.

4. On the Upload Images page, click the "Choose File" button to locate the image on your computer.

5. Go through your folders and find the picture you would like to upload and click on it. Then click the "Open" button or double click on the file to upload the picture.

6. Once you have selected the image from your computer, you will be returned to the Upload Image page

7. Enter a Description and click the final "Upload" button

8. Your image will be uploaded to your Personal Gallery and you will see the following confirmation message

Adding Images to Your Pages

  1. Edit the page on which you would like to add an image. For instructions on how to edit a page, click here.

  2. In the Page Content area, place your cursor where you would like the image to appear.

  3. Click the Insert/Edit Image button on the toolbar.

4. An Image Properties window will open with details about the image. Click the "Browse Server" button to view uploaded images or system images.

5. In the Image Browser you will see any images you have uploaded will always be listed first. Note that all system images will have a white background. Click on the image you would like to add.

6. You will be returned to the Image Properties window. In the Image Properties window you can set the following:

  • Height and Width: You can adjust the size of the photo here or before uploading

  • Border: Thickness of border around image (numeric)

  • HSpace: Horizontal spacing around image

  • VSpace: Vertical spacing around image

  • Align: This will set the alignment for your image. To set text to wrap, select Left or Right

Click OK to save your changes when you are finished

8. You will be taken back to your page editor with your picture now on it. Once you are done making any other updates to the page, be sure to click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom.

9. You will now see the image on your public page.

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