Adding Your Own Videos to Vimeo

If you have a video, you can create a profile on Vimeo for free and upload your video(s) to your account. During the upload process, Vimeo will streamline and convert your videos to play on the web. Once it has been uploaded, you will be able to embed any of your videos into your website using code provided by Vimeo. Vimeo accounts are free and I would suggest creating a new account just for your business. Once bonus that Vimeo gets you is another avenue of traffic viewing your content. Be sure to add your Integer website URL to your Vimeo profile so any traffic from Vimeo can locate your website.

Adding Videos To Your Website

Once your own video uploaded or have found another video you would like to add, follow the instructions below for adding it to your website.

  1. When you find a video you would like to add to your website, click the Share on the right of the video

2. A window with some options will pop up. Under "Embed" there will be a box with some code in it.

3. Right-click the code so that it is highlighted and select "Copy " (or press Ctrl + C).

4. Next, log into the Integer Member Area, into Content and locate the page on which you would like to add this video. Click the Edit button (the pencil icon) to edit the page.

5. Scroll down to the Page Content section and place your cursor where you would like the video to be displayed.

6. Next, click on the past Code button as show below.

7. Right-click in the blank box and select "Paste " (or press Ctrl + V) to paste your code in the box. Then click OK.

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button to save your changes.

9. You can now view your page on your website and you will see the video displayed.

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