Many programs have an option to embed their widget in your page. They will generate code for you to copy/paste on your page that will add the widget and it's functionality to you site. To add the code to your website, follow these steps:

1. Copy all of the code including both script tags at the beginning and end, (including any <script>...</script> tags) by highlighting it with your mouse, right click, and select copy, or press both the ctrl + c keys at the same time.

2. Next, log into the Integer Member Area, and click on "Content" and locate the page on which you would like to add this widget. Click the Edit button (the pencil icon) to edit the page. Or click on the “Add New Page” button, to add a new page to put your widget on. You can find more information on adding additional pages here.

3. Click in the text where you want to place the widget, then click the Paste Code button. 

4. Paste your HTML Widget code into the text box by either right clicking and selecting paste, or press both the ctrl + v keys at the same time.

5. Click “OK” to insert the widget. Note: The widget may not be visible in the editor, but it has been inserted. Preview the changes on your live site.

6. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click the “Save” button at the bottom. You can come back to this page and edit the content later. 

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